This trailer was developed in conjunction with industry experts to create a restroom facility with the look and feel of a home bathroom. For a practical restroom solution, choose the Encore.


6 Stalls

Three private, commercial-grade restroom stalls, three urinals, and one sink in each common area expedite usage and keep the lines down.

Project Ready

A practical choice for commercial job sites, bathroom remodels or mid-sized events, the Encore 1401 was built for heavy usage.

Maximum Comfort

Both compartments are equipped with climate control capabilities for your preference of heating or air conditioning.

Trailer Specifications

  • Dimensions: 12′ Height, 8′ Width, 14’ Length (Tongue 4’3″)
  • Men’s Compartment: 1 toilet, 3 urinals, 1 sink
  • Women’s Compartment: 2 toilets, 1 sink
  • Fresh Water: N/A
  • Waste Water: 575 gallons
  • Circuits Required: 3 circuits (20-amp)

Additional Trailer Features

Upscale Amenities

Flushable porcelain toilets, running-water sinks, and LED fixtures are just a few features that separate this facility from the rest.

Lockable Doorways

For projects or events spanning over several days, utilize the lockable doorways to prevent after hour entry.

Separate Compartments

Separate men’s and women’s compartments are ideal for events or projects that require separate restroom relief areas.

Water Heater

Onboard water heater provides hot or cold water instantly to use at your discretion.

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