ADA 3500 Trailer

Custom designed to meet and exceed the unique needs of disabled users, the ADA 3500 Restroom Trailer is the largest of its kind.  Equipped with a hydraulic lowering system, this creatively engineered restroom trailer features an oversized private suite that quietly lowers to ground level at the touch of a button.

A convenient 6-foot ramp then unfolds to provide your guests with easy wheelchair accessibility. This luxury restroom trailer also features seven additional stalls on the non-ADA side to keep wait times at a minimum.

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Trailer Features

The ADA 3500 Trailer adheres to all applicable portions of the ADA Accessibility Guidelines. Some of the ADA guidelines include: heavy-duty reinforced construction, low-depth sinks, ground-level wheelchair accessibility and spring-loaded doors that close automatically.  Hands-free faucets combined with strategically positioned and reinforced grab bars and high-clearance sinks allow for plenty of interior space for a wheelchair to make a full 360 degree turn.  Loaded with upscale amenities, the interior of this restroom trailer contains flushable toilets, heat and air conditioning, marble sinks, and fluorescent lighting—just to name a few. The functionality of this trailer makes it incredibly versatile for use during a variety of applications including emergency situations, disaster relief efforts or special events.

  • Dimensions: 12′ Height x 8′ Width, 35′ Length, (Tongue 7′)
  • Men’s Compartment: 2 toilets, 3 urinals, 2 sinks
  • Women’s Compartment: 5 toilets, 3 sinks
  • ADA Compartment: 1 toilet, 1 sink
  • Fresh Water: N/A
  • Waste Water: 800 gallons
  • Circuits Required: 5 circuits (20-amp)