Restroom Tips for Runners

Let’s face it, standing in long lines to use the portable restroom prior to a running event can often be a frustrating experience.  As the preferred restroom provider for your upcoming race, we invite you to check out our top 5 quick porta potty tips for runners to make your race day restroom experience hassle-free. Portable restrooms are a necessary aspect of race day!  In fact, a race without restrooms would be a disaster.

Don’t panic

If you’re thinking of taking a pass on a portable facility, remember that most restrooms are cleaner than the smartphone you have in your pocket.  Each of our signature blue restrooms has been meticulously cleaned prior to delivery to sanitize before usage.

Lock the Door

While this may seem like a common practice, it’s surprisingly not.  To avoid any unwanted visitors, always be sure to lock the restroom door immediately upon entry. By locking the restroom door you’ll activate the in-use indicator and protect yourself from any embarrassing surprises.

Be Prepared

Supplies can sometimes mysteriously disappear from theft (yes, it does happen!) or over usage.  To ensure you aren’t left without any supplies, carrying an extra tissue or two on race day might not be a bad idea.

Hidden Facilities

Before the race, tune your eyes to blue and scan the grounds for any restrooms.  As you might imagine, facilities in smaller banks outside of the start and finish are typically used less and thus may have more abundant supplies.

Hold on to belongings

Always be sure to pick up all of your belongings prior to leaving the restroom.  By the time you realize you’ve lost something, it may be almost impossible to remember which restroom you just exited.  Also, be sure to keep those expensive smartphones secure.  Nothing can be more devastating than an accidental dip in the toilet.