A Portable Toilet Year-in-Review

Working in the sanitation business is no easy task, but our employees are always up to the challenge of doing whatever it takes for our customers!  As 2015 came to a close, we wanted to reflect on our success from the past year and thank our employees for all of their hard work.  What better way to do that than a “Year in Review” video?!

From operations to customer service, 2015 presented many new challenges to almost every department within our organization due to company growth.  As we continue to grow, we’ve worked to learn from our mistakes, problem-solve, and drive towards continuous improvement to better serve our customers! As we begin a New Year, we look forward to the many challenges and growth that may come with it.  It’s no easy task, but we’re always up for the challenge.  Here’s to 2016 – Cheers!

Corporate Growth

During this past year, we worked through the acquisition of three portable restroom companies including Nature Calls, LepreCan and AJAX Waste Services.  With each of these acquisitions came the tedious process of implementing new routes, standardizing equipment and ensuring customer satisfaction.  Extra space was also needed for the additional staffing and trucks.  To accommodate, we worked through a complete remodel of our customer service center and set up a new, larger operational hub in Aurora.

Operational Growth

As you might imagine, the acquisition of these new companies provided many new operational challenges.  New trucks, equipment and accounts needed to be carefully reviewed and strategically planned, all within a few short days to ensure their service remained on schedule.  In total, our dispatch department carefully managed well over 100 routes all year long.  They dispatched tens of thousands of work orders, delivering portable restrooms and restroom trailers to the City of Chicago and beyond.

Fleet Growth

From a fleet management perspective, it seems as if we grew exponentially this past year.  With the addition of new equipment from our acquisitions including trucks, portable restrooms, and restroom trailers, one might say our fleet team was quite busy working around the clock to keep everything cleaned, organized and maintained.  In total, our trucks put on more than 2,109,000 miles for the year.  This equates to about 85 trips around the planet, 4 trips to the moon and back and hundreds of oil changes to keep them all running.