Chicago’s Pokémon Go Fest

The virtual reality app “Pokémon Go” became a worldwide phenomenon in a matter of months. Now, Pokémon Go joins the Windy City for its anniversary and first annual festival, selling out Grant Park in minutes. Considered “the most successful mobile launch in history” by Superdata, it’s no wonder that the app is back for more—offering unique rewards and special features at its day-long event. Pokéstops offer eggs that can only be obtained in Grant Park, allowing users or “trainers” to encounter exclusive Pokémon. Users in Chicago work with thousands around the globe to complete challenges, unlock bonuses and add to one’s “Pokédex,” a trainer’s collection of Pokémon and their stats. If you don’t happen to “catch ‘em all,” enjoy a long walk in one of Chicago’s most beautiful parks instead.

This interactive video game continues to defy typical video game models, setting Pokémon Go apart. Its slogan “adventure together,” emphasizes teamwork and working with others to complete global goals. If enough Pokémon are caught during the Chicago festival, a legendary Pokémon will be revealed. When the event is over, it will be accessible to the entire world. From livestreaming to social media updates, Pokémon Go Fest brings alive the digital world, exceeding one’s wildest dreams.

With a physical turnout of around 20,000, Grant Park is operating at high capacity. Walking remains the main mode of transportation, allowing these virtual creatures to act as a user’s roadmap. Trainers search grassy parks, city streets and local Sprint stores for hidden Pokémon. Although some of these locations may include restrooms, they are not prepared to take in thousands. Finding public bathrooms isn’t any easy task just as making a pit stop in a random restaurant tends to be awkward. To ensure accessible sanitation for all Pokémon fans, over 130 porta potties will be placed throughout the park. That way, you spend more time battling teams and interacting with other Pokémon enthusiasts than worrying about when nature calls.

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