Determined to Deliver

Advancements to the Prep-Process

Strategically nestled just outside of Chicago, our Gary, Indiana headquarters serves as a central hub for the Chicagoland market.  A typical summer season can muster up hundreds of large events that range from marathons to music festivals.  In order to meet the overwhelming demand, the folks at our Gary location have always been all hands on deck, determined to deliver to each event that calls our name.

In the evenings, our truck prep team will prep anywhere from 40 to 55 trucks per night in the summer, evacuating waste tanks, refilling freshwater, replenishing supplies, and refueling for the high-volume day ahead.  On average, this entire process takes about 12 to 18 minutes per truck, making for quite a long night.

To further empower our crew and to streamline this process, a reconfiguration of the yard and the addition of a new garage bay is underway.  This new garage bay will allow the team to prep not only one, but two trucks at a time.  With an estimated finished date of December 31st, these additions are set to expedite the prepping process for another busy season in the spring.