Empowering People

Hands-Free Dual Sink

COVID-19 has dramatically changed health and safety standards across the service industry. As businesses begin to reopen, the need to practice social distancing and proper handwashing is still on the rise.  Over the past month, our sales and customer service team saw the need to empower businesses within the service industry with a unique sanitary solution to help get the ball rolling once again. 

With a determined to deliver mentality, several of our team members were able to engineer a portable, 100% hands-free, dual sink to fit the needs of any nurse, server, or team member alike.  This custom dual sink was designed with a completely touchless experience in mind, keeping crews as sanitary as possible.  Positioned on four castor wheels, this dual sink is mobile-friendly can be deployed almost anywhere the end-user requires it to go. In an effort to provide maximum social distancing, a partition divides the two sink stations, granting maximum usage. To learn more about this rental contact us today!

COVID-19 Approved Sink Features:

  • Dual Sinks with hands-free faucets
  • Built-in castor wheels allow for easy mobility
  • Internal hot water heater to help eliminate germs
  • Divider wall separates users for maximum social distancing
  • 100% touch-free faucets, soap, and paper town dispensers