Why Are Our Toilets Blue?

You’ve probably noticed that our porta potty units exhibit a fresh blue color. Blue offers visual satisfaction while symbolizing tranquility, cleanliness and stability.   But this hue is not just used for artistic purposes. The bottom line on the blue is that it works. Our cleaning agents also display this attractive color. Environmentally-friendly, non-toxic and sweet-smelling, our products give our restrooms the porta potty experience you desire. Find out what we use and why by reading about our porta potty potions below.

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Porta Potty Cleaning Additives We Use

Tank Solution

At some point, we’ve all wondered what makes a porta potty’s toilet bowl blue. In our case, we have Satellite Industries to thank. Stored in liquid form, their Safe T Fresh product destroys odors, leaves a clean smell and displays a classic blue hue. To keep you and our workers safe, we use Satellite’s Safe T Fresh without formaldehyde which can be toxic.

Concrete Remover

When a porta potty remains at a construction site for an extended period, concrete residue gathers around the unit. We utilize Momar’s Blue Thunder to remove deposits like this. This acid-free remover protects the plastic of the unit while giving it a brand-new finish. As its name implies, Blue Thunder also displays the blue tint you know and love.

Pressure Washer

Whether it’s used at a festival or a construction site, each porta potty receives an intense scrub down after every location. Our pressure washer exerts Simple Green’s Mild Degreaser and all-purpose cleaner. This non-toxic, biodegradable solution cleans the porta potty’s seat, walls and floors. Its pleasant smell is just a bonus to the specialized cleaning you will experience.